A Better Way to BYOD: Making Bring Your Own Device work for your business

BYOD that works for everyone. Without compromise.

Your people want to use their own devices for work. You want control over business numbers, costs and compliance. Awkward.

It’s a sticking point for almost every business that wants to embrace BYOD, and it’s led to a major misconception – that to make business BYOD work, you’ll always need to compromise on something.

With Sprint MultiLine, we’re laying that to rest once and for all. MultiLine lets you put company-owned and managed numbers on your employees’ devices, alongside their personal numbers – and gives them total freedom to switch between the two as required.

View our SlideShare now to see how MultiLine from Sprint can help you:

  • Put business numbers in any employee-owned device, on any network
  • Retain ownership of business numbers – and the relationships attached to them
  • Stay in control of mobile spending and usage
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