A Cluster Based Optimization Technique with Adoptive Framework for ZigBee WSN

Provided by: International Journal of Computer Science & Engineering Technology (IJCSET)
Topic: Security
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ZigBee is a current wireless standard based on IEEE 802.15.4 used in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) stimulates many interests. In a built WSN, the information about some part of interest may need further research such that more traffic will be generated. Earlier work presented adoptive parent-based framework for a ZigBee cluster-tree network which provided more flexible routing and increase bandwidth utilization without violating operating principles of ZigBee cluster-tree protocol. However, sensed data collectors may vampire the optimality and convergence rate of bandwidth utilization demands. In this paper presents an Enhanced Distributed Adoptive Parent (EDAP) framework for ZigBee cluster tree topology which handles varying traffic load communication in any given instant for WSN communication.

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