A Comparative Study of the Traditional Model of IEEE 802.15.4 and Non-Overlapping Binary Exponential Backoff IEEE 802.15.4

Provided by: Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
This paper introduces a performance model of a recently proposed backoff technique named Non-overlapping binary exponential backoff algorithm over IEEE 802.15.4, which is designed for LRWPAN. To reduce the collision rate in highly populated wireless networks, non-overlapping binary exponential backoff tries to evenly distribute the random backoff delay by distinguishing the new range of backoff delays. For the performance measurement of non-overlapping binary exponential backoff algorithm, obtained results are compared with the traditional model of IEEE 802.15.4. The authors' numerical analyzes show that non-overlapping binary exponential backoff improves the throughput and transmission delay comparing to the traditional BEB.

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