A Design and Evaluation of a Geolocation-Aware Reliable Multicast System on Wireless Networks

An IP multicasting can provides an efficient method to distribute contents to multiple destinations, and it can be used on a wireless environment with a deployment of an IP network. Since the IP multicasting on wireless network based on CSMA/CA protocol does not support RTS/CTS procedure, it may cause bursty packet losses due to collisions. In this paper, at first, the authors discuss these issues from experimental results on an IEEE 802.11g wireless LAN. Based on this, they propose a geolocation-aware reliable IP multicast system to improve packet loss. A proposed system can work effectively to prevent the ACK/NACK-implosion by providing a selective loss recovery policy depending on client's geolocation.
Provided by: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Topic: Mobility Date Added: Jun 2011 Format: PDF

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