A Dynamic MaxPRB-Adjusting Scheduling Scheme Based on SINR Dispersion Degree in LTE System

Provided by: Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
The max C/I, Round Robin (RR) and Proportion Fair (PF) are three primary scheduling schemes adopted by LTE system to allocate shared resources among users in the time-frequency domain. However, most of the scheduling methods are static and ignore the relation between user dispersion degree of the sector and Maximum PRB number (MaxPRB) allocated to one user. In this paper, the authors propose an improved Dynamic MaxPRB-aDjusting Scheduling scheme (DDS) based on user SINR dispersion degree, which can win better tradeoff between throughput and user fairness in LTE downlink. Simulation results show that the proposed scheme will adjust the MaxPRB according to user SINR dispersion degree of the sector to obtain a good balance between sector throughput and user fairness.

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