A Fast FPGA Based Architecture for Determining the Sine and Cosine Value

Provided by: SEARCH Digital Library
Topic: Hardware
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In this paper, the authors aim to design a fast FPGA based architecture for determining the sine and cosine values using Taylor's series. In this paper, a pipelined architecture has been proposed for designing a flexible and scalable digital sine and cosine wave generator. An FPGA - Based architecture is implemented in VHDL, synthesized on Xilinx Spartan 3 xc3s200-5ft256 FPGA kit simulated on ModelSim 6.2c. The proposed architecture gives accuracy of the computed sine and cosine values up to 21st bits in all cases and up to 22 or 23 bits for some cases in six clock cycles only whereas CORDIC architecture needs 21 clocks for 21bit accuracy.

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