A Framework for Efficient Fully-Equipped UC Commitments

Universal Composability (UC) framework guarantees that if a protocol is being proven secure in the UC framework, it remains secure even if it is run concurrently with arbitrary (even insecure) protocols. This composable property gives a designer a fundamental benefit, compared to the classic definitions, which only guarantee that a protocol is secure if it is run in the stand-alone setting. In this paper, the authors focus on Universally Composable (UC) commitment schemes. As in the classic setting, UC commitments are an essential building block to construct high level UC-secure protocols. They present a general framework for constructing non-interactive Universally Composable (UC) commitment schemes that are secure against adaptive adversaries in the non-erasure setting under a single re-usable common reference string.

Provided by: International Association for Cryptologic Research Topic: Security Date Added: Dec 2012 Format: PDF

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