A Generic Framework for Throughput-Optimal Control in MR-MC Wireless Networks

In this paper, the authors study the throughput-optimal control in Multi-Radio Multi-Channel (MR-MC) wireless networks, which is an open challenging research issue due to the coupled link scheduling and channel/radio assignment issues. There are three main contributions in this report: they develop a new model by transforming a network node to multiple Node-Radio-Channel (NRC) tuples. Such a framework modeling facilitates the formulation of a tuple-based back pressure algorithm, the solution of which can jointly solve the link scheduling, routing and channel/radio assignment in the MR-MC network. The tuple-based model enables a straightforward extension of some well-known algorithms, e.g., greedy maximal scheduling and maximal scheduling, to MR-MC networks with guaranteed performance.

Provided by: Illinois Institute of Technology Topic: Mobility Date Added: Aug 2011 Format: PDF

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