A Guide for Consolidating Active Directory, Exchange, and Office 365 After a Merger

Day One of your merger or acquisition is in the books. You pushed hard to integrate your identity and messaging so that your users could start collaborating right out of the gate. You’ve set things up so that users can look each other up in a shared directory, send emails back and forth, schedule meetings, and more.

Now, you’ve got a bit more breathing room to consolidate everyone onto the same platform. And you need to do it without disrupting your users. In this white paper, we walk you through what that process looks like.

Specifically, we share considerations and best practices for how to:

  • Consolidate Active Directory
  • Consolidate on-premises Microsoft Exchange
  • Consolidate Microsoft Office 365
  • Support end-users after the migration
  • Find your way to an effective transformation and setting yourself up for a more productive merger.

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