A Guide for Customer Identity and Access Management – Build vs. Buy

In today’s markets, customer identities and the personal data associated with them are among the most critical and valuable assets of any enterprise. Managing these digital identities — from first registration and login to the later stages of the customer relationship — and extracting business value from the associated data are complex tasks, commonly referred to as customer identity and access management (CIAM).

When implementing a system to collect, manage, and utilize digital identity and customer data, companies have two basic choices: in-house development or buying a dedicated solution from a vendor specialized in CIAM (i.e., build vs. buy).

    Read this white paper for an in-depth analysis of CIAM implementation options, including:

  • Must-haves for a successful, enterprise-grade CIAM system
  • Pros and cons of implementation options, ranging from in-house software development to commercial off-the-shelf solutions
  • A real-world case study that illustrates the ROI of an effective CIAM solution

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