A guide to help you sell globally with PayPal

While many industries saw revenue
slow down in 2020, some even grinding
to a halt, global eCommerce thrived –
surging to $4.28T USD from $3.35T the
year before. As the uneven pandemic
recovery continues, it’s clear shopping
behaviours have changed for good. The
global eCommerce market is booming,
and borders are no longer barriers. For
merchants looking to grow their customer
base and their revenue, cross-border
commerce represents a new frontier –
with unprecedented possibilities.

According to the PayPal 2021 Borderless
Commerce Report, many merchants realize
this is a golden opportunity. They want to get
in on the action. But concerns about perceived
roadblocks may be holding them back.

Selling to foreign markets used to be complicated,
confusing and expensive. But the reality today is very
different. With the right tools and support, you can
sell around the world with ease and confidence – and
the sooner you start, the better.

This playbook is designed to help you understand
how to tap into the world of opportunity beyond
your borders. Build resilience for your business and
drive growth by pivoting now. Take advantage of new
norms, reach new customers and markets, and thrive.

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