A High-Performing Cloud Begins with a Strong Foundation: A solution guide for IBM Cloud bare metal servers (JP)

Learn the value of IBM Cloud bare metal and its power, security, and customization.

Today’s workloads are dynamic and power-hungry. Cloud requirements for
mission-critical workloads often change overnight – causing IT priorities to
shift, deadlines to tighten, and budgets to shrink.

Seconds matter, especially when it comes to the bottom line. And bottom
lines take brutal hits when companies haven’t properly established a
powerful and flexible infrastructure.

Those in the trenches are starving for more control over provisioning. IT is
a delicate game of strategy to deliver the best services and tools to endusers
and customers. If the proper infrastructure is there, companies
can accelerate their business through IT – be it transferring data faster,
delivering new applications and updates, or gaining quick insights from
machine learning. If the proper infrastructure isn’t there, IT teams are forced
to cut corners that eventually lead to costly fallouts.

The proper foundation for a high-performing cloud begins with an
infrastructure that not only improves your bottom line, but also gives your IT
team the essentials to make the magic happen.

IBM delivers the best foundation for an enterprise-strong infrastructure –
IBM Cloud bare metal servers. We announced our first bare metal server in
2005, and since then, have become the industry’s most trusted choice for
bare metal solutions with our selection of flexible, proven configurations and
latest GPU technologies. The value of bare metal is in its power, security, and
configurability. And that value is in IBM Cloud.

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