A Hybrid Approach of Failed Disk Recovery Using RAID-6 Codes: Algorithms and Performance Evaluation

Provided by: Association for Computing Machinery
Topic: Storage
Format: PDF
The current parallel storage systems use thousands of inexpensive disks to meet the storage requirement of applications. Data redundancy and/or coding are used to enhance data availability, e.g., Row-Diagonal Parity (RDP) and EVENODD codes, which are widely used in RAID-6 storage systems, provide data availability with up to two disk failures. To reduce the probability of data unavailability, whenever a single disk fails, disk recovery will be carried out. The authors find that the conventional recovery schemes of RDP and EVENODD codes for a single failed disk only use one parity disk. However, there are two parity disks in the system, and both can be used for single disk failure recovery.

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