A Hybrid Approach of Using Anycast Addressing With Zone Routing Protocol

Zone Routing Protocol (ZRP) is a hybrid protocol that combines the advantages of both the proactive and reactive protocols. It is classified as: Intra Zone Routing, which uses hop count of the N-neighbors using proactive techniques and Inter Zone Routing, which includes the rest of the network excluding the N-neighbors using reactive techniques. In anycast routing, the packets are routed to the most nearest anycast group member. In this paper, a literature review about Zone Routing Protocol and Anycast addressing is presented along with the concept where the authors propose to use Anycast addressing in Zone Routing Protocol assuming that the destination as a member of anycast address is proposed. This idea is proposed for the consistent improvement of performance of Zone Routing Protocol.

Provided by: International Journal of Computer Science Issues Topic: Networking Date Added: Jul 2012 Format: PDF

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