A Hybrid Model of Multimodal Biometrics System Using Fingerprint and Face as Traits

Provided by: International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering (IJSCE) Topic: Security Format: PDF
The issues associated with identity usurpation are currently at the heart of numerous concerns in the people modern society. Establishing the identity of individuals is recognized as fundamental to the numerous administrative operations. Identity Documents (IDs) are tools that permit the bearers to prove or confirm their identity with a high degree of certainty. In response to the dangers posed by theft or fraudulent use of identity documents and security threats, a wide range of biometric technologies is emerging, covering, e.g., face, fingerprint and iris. They are also proposed to enforce border control and check-in procedures. These are positive developments and they offer specific solutions to enhance document integrity and ensure that the bearer designated on the document is truly the person holding it.

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