A Leader’s Guide to Cloud Transformation

“As leaders, our challenge is to bring the best of both of those approaches together – the ability to innovate at scale, but in a secure and reliable manner that protects the assets of our organisations.”

And that isn’t just about technology – it’s fundamentally about people, process and culture.

“There’s no single silver bullet. Every organisation has its own culture, and everything has to be worked through,” said Hannan.

Hannan stated that he often refers to Conway’s Law – which essentially says any organisation developing systems will do so in a way that mirrors the structure of their organisation – is as true today as it was when computer scientist Melvin Conway conceived it more than half a century ago.

“What that means in practice is if you’re asking an organisation to adopt new technology and development methodologies, that is very process-driven, with lots of gates and stages blocking transitions to production, you’ll end up with a technology deployment that mirrors that – which is never going to give you the ability to innovate at scale within your organisation, you have to address the organisational structure and culture in your organisation to help facilitate success” said Hannan.

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