A Lightweight Lap Time Measurement System for Alpine Ski Sport Using a TDMA-Based Linear Wireless Sensor Network

In this paper, the authors proposed a practical TDMA-based WSN protocol named LSNP that is dedicated to a class of sensor network application fields where nodes are placed in a linear fashion in a long strap-shaped environment. Based on LSNP, they implemented a lap time measurement system specialized for Alpine skiing games and demonstrated the efficacy of LSNP by evaluating the performance of the proposed measurement system in various experiments. The experimental results showed that the data transmission success rate of LSNP was about 99.66% and LSNP was capable of measuring the lap times with a measurement error of less than 1.255 ms without any additional time synchronization protocol in a network of 32 nodes.

Provided by: Hindawi Publishing Topic: Networking Date Added: Nov 2011 Format: PDF

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