A Neighbor Coverage Based Probabilistic Rebroadcast for Reducing Routing Overhead in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Provided by: International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering (IJETAE)
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
Traditional routing protocols in Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) send periodic messages to realize the changes in topology. Sending periodic messages cause overhead. Compared to proactive routing protocols, reactive routing protocols can cause less overhead. Broadcasting can cause broadcast storm problem .To discover the route better than broadcasting methodology rebroadcast can done with the help of neighbor knowledge methods. The authors propose neighbor coverage based probabilistic rebroadcast protocol for reducing routing overhead in MANETs. In order to effectively exploit the neighbor coverage knowledge, they propose a novel rebroadcast delay to determine the rebroadcast order, and then they can obtain the more accurate additional coverage ratio by sensing neighbor coverage knowledge.

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