A Novel Approach - Effective Method of Prevention of Cache Poisoning for Wild Card Secure DNS

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Provided by: IJAIR
Topic: Security
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Recursive DNS (RDNS) resolvers on new attack for poisoning the cache was discovered in DNS. DNS software only partially protected the DNS poisoning in servers. In this paper, the authors discuss two type of DNS poisoning prevention methods Wildcard SECure DNS (WSECDNS) and Start Of Authority (SOA) in without changing protocol. In wild-card given in the RFC 1034, RFC 4592 and TXT resource records in order to increase the flow of DNS queries to the point that cache poisoning attack infeasible. The stub-resolvers depend on the RDNS for the IP address. It is responsible for the direct contraction authoritative name servers on stub-resolvers and the cache responses for a given TTL (Time To Live) and then forwarded it back to stub-resolvers.
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