A Novel Design of Multiband Square Patch Antenna Embeded With Gasket Fractal Slot for WLAN & WIMAX Communication

Provided by: International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Technology (IJAET) Topic: Mobility Date Added: Mar 2012 Format: PDF
A compact multiband patch antenna embedded with gasket fractal slots is proposed in this paper. The structure consists of square patch element with modified gasket slots on both radiating edge side. The antenna is fed by 50 Co-Planar Waveguide (CPW) to make the structure purely planar. The investigation took place ranges between 1-7.5 GHz using CST MWS electromagnetic simulator. There are 3 resonant frequencies appeared at 2.45GHz, 3.6GHz & 5.6 GHz. From the return loss plot it is seen the antenna achieved the IEEE Bluetooth/WLAN (2.4-2.484 GHz), WiMAX (3.4-3.69 GHz) & WIFI (5.1-5.825 GHz) frequency band with -10 dB return loss and also nearly omni-directional radiation patterns achieved. The peak realized antenna gain is around 5dB in all distinct bands.

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