A Novel High Speed Full Adder Cell Based on Carbon Nanotube FET (CNFET)

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Topic: Hardware
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This paper presents a novel design of Full Adder cell based on Carbon Nano Tube Field-Effect Transistors (CNFETs). Carbon Nano Tube Field-Effect Transistors (CNFETs) are one of the new technologies in promising replacement MOSFET transistors. The main characteristic of the CNFETs is that its threshold voltage can be adjusted by changing the diameter of carbon nanotubes. This design uses XOR function to generate Sum and Carry. Transistor count for this circuit is 15. This design is simulated using Synopsys HSPICE with 32 nm CNFET technology and compared to C-CMOS, CMOS-Bridge, TGA and two CNFET full adder cells.
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