A Novel Nonlinear Network Coding Signature Scheme Determined by the SIS Problem

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Topic: Security
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Network coding signature schemes can be employed to pre-vent malicious modification of data in network transition. But existing network coding signature schemes are only suitable for linear network coding. To adapt to nonlinear network coding, in this paper the authors introduce the concept of nonlinear network coding signature scheme and its un-forgeability, and propose a unforgeable nonlinear network coding scheme based on the hardness of the Small Integer Solution (SIS) problem in lattice-based cryptography. They first present an improvement on the theorem which presented the unforgeability of a signature scheme without identifiers proposed by David Cash et.al. in EURO- CRYPT 2010. Then a nonlinear network coding signature scheme is designed, and its unforgeability is proved by employing the Chinese remainder theorem.

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