A Novel RSA -Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme for Hierarchical Key Management in WSN's

Provided by: Galgotias College Of Engineering And Technology
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
Although, the security in WSN's, in current literature, is being provided by symmetric and asymmetric both but in most cases symmetric key cryptography is used. The idea behind the use of symmetric key is the pre-distribution of keys before the deployment of wireless sensor nodes, but this technique is not able to achieve perfect secrecy & also generate the key management problem in large scale hierarchical WSN's. Using asymmetric public key cryptosystem and Shamir secret sharing, the authors try to offer a flexible and clean interface for security component in WS nodes. This paper proposes a novel hierarchical key management scheme for a particular session between two nodes belonging to two different cluster heads, based on RSA and division of the secret into several parts.

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