A Power Saving-Dual Busy Tone Multiple Access (PS-DBTMA) Protocol for MANETs

Provided by: International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering (IJARCSSE)
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
In this paper, the authors present a proposed method for PS-DBTMA (Power-Saving Dual Busy Tone Multiple Access) MAC layer protocol for MANETs which is based on DBTMA. Mobile Ad hoc NETworks (MANETs) are autonomous network of mobile nodes connected by wireless link, basically without any infrastructure support. There is no specific topology defined for MANETs. It is based on layered architecture like other networks. They will discuss about the MAC layer of MANETs. Collision free transmission and power conservation are major issues of MAC Layer. Power conservation is important in MANETs because in these networks, mobile nodes work both as client as well as server i.e. totally self-organized mode.

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