A Practical Guide to Microservices and Containers: Mastering the Cloud, Data, and Digital Transformation

Microservices and Containers

Legacy infrastructures simply cannot handle the workloads or power the applications that will drive business decisively forward in the years ahead. New infrastructure, new thinking and new approaches are in the offing, all driven by the mantra ‘transform or die.’

This book is meant for IT architects; developers and development managers; platform architects; cloud specialists; and big data specialists. For you, the goal is to help create a sense of urgency you can present to your CXOs and others whose buy-in is needed to make essential infrastructure investments along the journey to digital transformation.

This book is designed to help you stay one clear step ahead of your peers and competitors as IT undertakes what is arguably its most mission-critical task in a generation.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • What is digital transformation and why the urgency today?
  • Typical problems facing enterprise IT on the road to digital transformation.
  • The critical role that data, application, and infrastructure agility play in a successful digital transformation.
  • The role that microservices, containers, and the cloud play in modern data architecture.
  • How to get buy-in and develop the business case for a modern data architecture.

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