A QoS Aware Vertical Handover in Mobile Network

The convergence of heterogeneous wireless access technologies characterizes the 4G wireless networks. In such converged systems, the seamless and efficient handoff between different access technologies (vertical handoff) is essential and remains a challenging problem. The heterogeneous co-existence of access technologies with largely different characteristics creates a decision problem of determining the "Best" available network at "Best" time to reduce the unnecessary handoffs. This project proposes a dynamic decision model to decide the "Best" network at "Best" time moment to handoffs. The proposed dynamic decision model make the right vertical handoff decisions by determining the "Best" network at "Best" time among available networks based on, dynamic factors such as "Received Signal Strength (RSS)" of network and SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio), Link capacity (offered bandwidth) and power consumption.

Provided by: Interscience Open Access Journals Topic: Mobility Date Added: Mar 2012 Format: PDF

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