A Real Time DOS Attack Detection in IP Networks Based on Bandwidth Utilization Pattern and Rule Based Pattern Matching

An DOS(Denial Of Service) is an attempt by unauthorized processes or users to use the system resources like bandwidth thus denying the fare access of the valid peer. DOS is sub type of Intrusion. Various types of Such Intrusion detection systems are Proposed. Such systems are basically depending upon checking the network behavior and matching the access pattern with a predefined rule pattern. The intruders introduces techniques to break the firewall and such rules. Hence Hierarchical pattern matching schemes are proposed. But such schemes suffers from matching overhead. In this paper, the authors detect the intrusion based on Bandwidth usage Pattern analysis combined with protocol headers pattern matching of the packets that are being exchanged from the system with the internet or network.

Provided by: International Journal on Computer Science and Technology (IJCST) Topic: Security Date Added: Sep 2011 Format: PDF

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