A Scalable Iterative Convex Design for Nonlinear Systems

Provided by: University of Cumberlands
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
A recently developed control scheme for approximately optimal control of nonlinear systems is the so-called Convex Control Design (ConvCD) methodology that transforms the control problem of generic nonlinear systems into a convex optimization problem. The ConvCD approach constructs a polynomial controller approximating the optimal control law: such design does not provide a scalable controller as it requires the use of a polynomial controller, which is not scalable, especially in large-scale applications. This problem is overcome in this paper by modifying the ConvCD formulation so that the optimal control law is approximated with a Multi-Controller with Mixing: that is, the polynomial controller is substituted by linear control elements plus mixing signals that are responsible for smoothly switching from one linear element to another.

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