A Second Generation Current Mode Conveyor Based Analog Multiplier/Divider Along with Applications

Provided by: Institute of Research in Engineering and Technology (IRET)
Topic: Hardware
Format: PDF
Now-a-days, in analog signal processing circuits, current signals are more used for operating the circuits rather than voltage form. In current mode signal processing circuits, both input and output are taken in the form of current mode by dominating the voltage mode. The basic building block of second generation current controlled current conveyor based analog multiplier/divider is proposed. The proposed circuit uses two CCCII+ with no resistors, no capacitors, and no MOS transistors and without using Current Controlled Ground Resistor (CCGR). With proper selection of the applied input currents, the proposed schematic can perform the function as a current follower, four quadrant multiplication and frequency doubling. 0.35um specifications using PSPICE results are obtained and are included.

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