A Taxonomy of Cross Layer Routing Metrics for Wireless Mesh Networks

Provided by: Springer Science+Business Media Topic: Mobility Date Added: May 2012 Format: PDF
Multi-hop, multi-channel, and multi-radio Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) are emerging as promising field of wireless technology with self-organizing and self-healing features for internet and real time applications, i.e., VoIP and Video over IP. Interoperability feature of WMNs have made them to integrate easily with other network technologies like wired networks, WiFi, WiMax, MANETs, and cellular networks. WMNs are gaining popularity due to their high network throughput which is highly depends on the routing procedures. Routing algorithms like optimized link state routing protocol and dynamic source routing make efficient routing decisions on the basis of routing metrics which actually predict the cost of link quality.

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