A UWB Triangular Shape, Triangular Patch Antenna Array type Antenna for 3G Mobile Communication in India

Provided by: TechniaJOURNAL
Topic: Mobility
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In this work, the authors present a triangular shape array micro-strip patch antenna. In this antenna a triangular shaped patch antenna made up from an array of again triangular shaped patch antenna is fed by proximity coupling. The ground plane of the antenna is a square shaped patch antenna and a rectangular strip is sandwiched between the radiating plane and ground plane. The simulated results show that the value of return loss is maintain less than -10 dB from 1.48 GHz to 2.29 GHz with center frequency at 1.88 GHz. The antenna also shows a gain between 1.5 dB to 3.5 dB over all of its usable bandwidth.

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