Achieving Operational Efficiencies for Healthcare Organizations

This paper explores how Nutanix enables healthcare organisations to transform their static and complex IT environments into more dynamic and easily managed datacenters, bringing a cloud-like experience to IT. Did you know that Nutanix customers get more than a 500% Return on Investment over a 5 year period, and 60% lower TCO with a 7 month payback period. Read more about benefits for health organisations like:

  • allowing customers to be more agile in responding to new needs from their stakeholders by being able to deploy new compute 73% faster, new storage 68% faster and almost 40% less time in deploying hypervisor
  • by lowering upfront and ongoing costs, Nutanix frees up scarce IT resources to focus on other important healthcare initiatives and true innovation
  • provides automated features that keep strict security postures in place with no application impact—even if inadvertent changes affect the infrastructure.

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