Actionable Knowledge Discovery

Provided by: P.Robbie Products
Topic: Big Data
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In this paper, the authors present a formal view of Actionable Knowledge Discovery (AKD) from the system and decision-making perspectives. AKD is a closed optimization problem-solving process from problem definition, framework/model design to actionable pattern discovery, and is designed to deliver operable business rules that can be seamlessly associated or integrated with business processes and systems. To support such processes, they correspondingly propose, formalize, and illustrate MultiSource Combined-Mining-based AKD (MSCM-AKD). A real-life case study of MSCM-based AKD is demonstrated to extract debt prevention patterns from social security data. Substantial experiments show that the proposed frameworks are sufficiently general, flexible, and practical to tackle many complex problems and applications by extracting actionable deliverables for instant decision-making.

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