Adaptive Reliability Chipkill Correct (ARCC)

Provided by: University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Topic: Storage
Format: PDF
Chipkill correct is an advanced type of error correction in memory that is popular among servers. Large field studies of memories have shown that chipkill correct reduces uncorrectable error rate by 4X to 36X compared to SECDED. Currently, there is a strong trade-off between power and reliability among different chipkill correct solutions. For example, commercially available chipkill correct solutions that can detect up to two failed devices and correct one (e.g. SCCDCD) or two (e.g. Double Chip Sparing) failed devices require accessing 36 DRAM devices per memory request. However, a weaker single chipkill correct single chipkill detect solution only requires accessing 18 devices per memory request and, therefore consumes much lower memory power

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