Add Value to Your Talent Strategy

With Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud, you can effectively attract the best-qualified
talent, get ahead of the hiring process, and make new hires productive
from day one. With Oracle HCM Cloud, you can add value through:

CANDIDATE SOURCING. Access the latest social and mobile tools to
recruit, develop, and retain today’s diverse workforce.
RECRUITING. Manage the entire recruiting process, from requisition
creation through offer letter extension.
ONBOARDING. Save time and reduce paperwork with a fully electronic,
automated process, getting new hires to higher levels of productivity—
CAREER DEVELOPMENT. Create employee career paths; increase talent
output with personalized / contextual learning through a dynamic social
and peer-to-peer community.
EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE. Identify top and bottom performers, giving
managers the tools they need to make improvements.
PROMOTION AND SCALE. Tie performance to promotions and easily
scale your workforce as you expand, thanks to integrated core HR and
talent management processes.

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