Admin spotlight: Saving time with PowerShell


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  • Published September 7, 2016
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PowerShell is a robust scripting tool that lets you automate and customize your admin tasks. It combines command-line speed, flexibility, and the power of a GUI-based tool. This ebook offers a hands-on look at how to put PowerShell to work.

This ebook covers these topics:
  • How to use PowerShell modules
  • PowerShell commands for remote management
  • Automating account prestaging in WDS with PowerShell
  • Enabling PowerShell Remoting via Group Policy
Here’s a sample from the ebook:

Anyone who has been managing Windows systems for the last decade has no doubt heard of PowerShell (PS) and knows what the modernized shell has to offer. PS is now rounding out its fifth stable version with many more management and scripting capabilities under the hood.

From basic systems management to Active Directory (AD DS), PowerShell does it all. And it achieves this through the use of specialized cmdlets, called modules. They act as self-contained, reusable units of PS code that execute from the PowerShell environment in their own context. This means you could effectively manage Active Directory, for example, by loading the module and making any changes necessary, then simply unloading the module so that one management console session does not affect another inadvertently.

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