Adopt DNS Best Practices To Proactively Protect Against Malware Whitepaper

The cyber threat landscape is dynamic and accelerating. With ever-evolving tactics and growing financial incentives, hackers have know-how and reason to seek out vulnerabilities in your security stack. The Domain Name System (DNS) is one such gap in many organizations’ defenses, and malicious actors are increasingly utilizing the recursive DNS infrastructure to launch damaging phishing attacks, malware and ransomware campaigns, and data exfiltration against companies.

Proactively protecting your company against such threats at the DNS control-point, as opposed to retroactive triage and remediation, simply makes sense. But layering an enterprise DNS security solution into your defense stack should be done in conjunction with enforcing DNS best practices. The following are industry standards that will help prevent DNS exploitation and, when coupled with an enterprise threat protection service, will aid you in identifying, blocking, and mitigating threats, as well as enforcing Acceptable Use Policies
across your organization.

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