Advanced Threat Protection Framework

Provided by: FORTINET
Topic: Data Centers
Format: PDF
In 2014, sophisticated attacks yielded big rewards for cybercriminals. In 2015 we expect to see cyber criminals, fuelled by the success of high profile hacks, continue to innovate with an even greater focus on deceiving and evading existing security solutions. As attacks continue to become more advanced, so must the security solutions used by organizations to protect themselves.

Advanced Threat Protection relies on multiple types of security technologies, products, and research - each performing a different role. However, these technologies will deliver much more effective protection if they work together, continuously handing off data from one to the next to identify, evaluate and respond to attacks.

The Fortinet Advanced Threat Protection Framework consists of three elements, working hand-in-hand:
Prevent - Act on known threats and information
Detect - Identify previously unknown threats
Mitigate - Respond to potential incidents.

This White Paper demonstrates how the handoff between these three elements helps create a continuous cycle of improved protection and detection against increasingly sophisticated attacks.

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