Advanced Threat Research Report Oct. 2021

As 2021 progressed through its second quarter and into the third, cyber criminals introduced new and updated threats and tactics in campaigns targeting prominent sectors. Ransomware campaigns maintained their prevalence while evolving their business models to extract valuable data and millions in ransoms from enterprises big and small.

DarkSide’s highly publicized attack on Colonial Pipeline’s gas distribution dominated cybersecurity headlines in May. MVISION Insights quickly identified DarkSide’s early prevalence of targets within the United States, primarily Legal Services, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Oil, Gas, and Chemical sectors.

McAfee Enterprise have shifted focus to prevalence. In other words, the team is now paying attention to how often do we see the threat around the globe, and more importantly who does it target? These findings are backed up with additional analysis, which will be detailed in this report to incorporate active research against threat actors, as well as the vulnerabilities they are currently exploiting now and potentially in the future.

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