Advantage of Autonomous Drone Fleet in Industrial Structure Inspections

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Provided by: Vinveli Unmanned Systems
Topic: Security
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Structural inspection is critical for the success of an industrial operation. Externally, industrial facilities and assets are subjects to harsh elements such as wind, rain, hail, sun and lightening. Internally, they have to withstand the load and stress due to heavy movements of products or machine parts. Constant exposure to these factors introduces wear and tear that accumulates at a daily basis. Current inspection method requires heavy manual labor, which is more time consuming, costly and dangerous. Vinveli provides a better industrial structure inspection and an effective security surveillance solution if required. Its AirVolt technology is a wireless induction charging dock with turbo charge that can recharge 10,000mAh in below 25 minutes. The ReVolt technology is a battery swapping dock that enable near zero down time. It offers drones a fully charged power pack in less than 120 seconds.
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