AIIM Capture Industry Watch 2012

For centuries, paper has been the communication medium of business. We use it to collect data, to carry signatures, to drive the business process, and to provide an auditable record of outcomes. However, all of these functions are now easily carried out in all-electronic formats. While the roots of paper based processing run deep, the business advantages of going paper-less are driving a systematic revolution in the workplace. Improved access and sharability to other staff, faster response to customers, and better process productivity are the three most obvious gains.

The biggest reason to go paper-free is to prevent paper from clogging your business processes by capturing its content and mobilizing it into the electronic workflow as soon as possible. The best strategy for removing paper from your business processes is to intercept it before it gets into the building, and the best way to do that is to establish a digital mailroom - in-house or outsourced - that will transform incoming mail into electronic format and routes it automatically to the correct process department.

In this AIIM Industry Watch report, underwritten by IBM, you will get an in-depth look at the success of paper-elimination projects and the bearing these successes might have on your business. Key findings include:

  • Electronic-only filing would halve the storage space needed for paper in 5 years
  • 41% of organizations in the survey are using some form of digital-mailroom, either as a centralized operation or distributed at branch offices
  • Improved sharability and searchability is the biggest driver for investment in scanning and capture, followed by improved productivity and reduced storage space
  • 42% of users have achieved a payback period of 12 months or less from their scanning and capture investments. More than half (57%) are posting a payback of 18 months or less
  • More than a third (38%) of respondents have employees equipped to use portable devices to capture documents or forms when not at their desks. More than 14% are using portable scanners for forms and supporting documents; and 6% are using smartphones or tablets, including 4% who use OCR to capture data at the device
Read this report for greater insight into the future of the paper-less office, as well as specific recommendations on steps you can take to put the latest thinking and technology to work in growing your business.
Provided by: IBM Topic: Data Management Date Added: Sep 2012 Format: PDF

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