AIIM Industry Watch – Social Business 2012

Social business is about sharing expertise, experiences and ideas. Innovative Enterprise 2.0 technologies are helping make this sharing possible and pointing the way to identifying and using talent and expertise that may be hidden within the organization. Based on survey results from more than 450 members of the AIIM community, Social Business Systems—success factors for Enterprise 2.0 applications, provides vital insights into the attitudes, technologies and best practices being used successfully by today’s social businesses. This report will give you the information you need to discover the following:

  • How enterprises are determining the right areas in which to invest in social business
  • Why social business technologies can be the best way to promote collaboration between sales and marketing departments
  • Which social business technologies and delivery mechanisms return the best results for various industry segments
  • How setting up a reward scheme can dramatically improve cross-organizational buy-in
  • Why detailed record keeping must be integral to your social business operations

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