Algorithm for Linear Number Partitioning into Maximum Number of Subsets

Provided by: Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology
Topic: Security
Format: PDF
The number partitioning problem is to decide whether a given multi-set of integers can be partitioned into two "Halves" of given cardinalities such that the discrepancy, the absolute value of the difference of their sums is minimized. While Partitioning problem is known to be NP-complete, only few studies have investigated on its variations. Number partitioning problem has a wide range of practical application, like: multiprocessor scheduling, minimization of VLSI circuit size and delay, also used in public key cryptography, message verification, computer password, voting manipulation and bin packing. While lots of investigation have been made for two-way partitioning, only a few for multi-way partitioning, while most of them are not feasible for real time environment.

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