AMD Rome – Optimized Platforms

A modern business is a technology and data business. It has multiple functions that need to be managed efficiently and executed in a timely manner. Be it simple functions such as file and print, customer relationship management applications, or applications that use artificial intelligence for predictive outcomes.

This document is meant to provide a quick set of inferences and insights for IT professionals and business decision makers seeking to perform further due diligence on the capabilities of the product and/or services that have been evaluated in this InfoDoc.

However, the goal of this InfoDoc is not to supply detailed hands-on test plans and validation jobs. It is not meant to replace the evaluation process that most businesses will conduct before making any decision to purchase the product and/or services.

It is for this reason that this InfoDoc is not designed to be an all-inclusive document on all the capabilities of the product, but rather as a concise document that highlights features/functions of products, their relative performance with respect to a traditional environment and the value these features.

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