An Advanced Combined Symmetric Key Cryptographic Method Using Bit Manipulation, Bit Reversal, Modified Caesar Cipher (SD-REE), DJSA Method, TTJSA Method: SJA-I Algorithm

Provided by: International Journal of Computer Applications
Topic: Security
Format: PDF
In modern world, security is a big issue and securing important data is very essential, so that the data cannot be intercepted or misused for illegal purposes. For example in Internet Banking system, e-reservation system the security of data is a very important issue. Under no circumstances the intruder should be able to get into the server database or the confidential data. In any type of service sectors the confidentiality of data is a very important issue. The primary goal of any system is that the data cannot be modified by any external user or intruder. So, different cryptographic methods are used by different organizations and government institutions to protect their data online. But, cryptography hackers are always trying to break the cryptographic methods.

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