An Architecture of Integration of 802.11 WLAN Network & UMTS

Provided by: International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering (IJSCE) Topic: Mobility Format: PDF
In Wireless network different technologies used for different purposes like Wireless LAN used for data services and UMTS are used for cellular networks such as provide various voice and data services, WLAN provides data services at high speed. Integration of UMTS and WLAN allows Operator to deploy used services at low cost and high speed. WLAN also allow covering hotspot areas Furthermore the architecture of WLAN and UMTS integration permits a mobile node to continue data connection (packet switch) through WLAN and voice connection (circuit switch) in parallel. In this paper the main features the authors are explaining WLAN and UMTS architecture along with its advantages and challenges facing during integration and handover scheme from WLAN to UMTS is being proposed.

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