An Effective Implementation of Load Indices Analysis and Dynamic Load Balancing in Cloud Computing

Provided by: International Journal of Computing and Corporate Research (IJCCR)
Topic: Cloud
Format: PDF
Cloud load balancing algorithms are used and implemented to manage the cloud based traffic by distributing workloads across multiple servers and resources-automatically or on demand. They maximize the workload performance and help prevent overload to help give the users a seamless experience. Load balancing is another important aspect of cloud computing to balance the load among various servers. It is a mechanism that distributes the excess workload dynamically and evenly across all the servers. It is used to achieve high user satisfaction and resource utilization ratio and hence improving the overall performance of the system. Proper load balancing can help in utilizing the available resources optimally, thereby reducing response time, cost and energy consumption. When entrusting data to the cloud the data creators i.e. service users need assurances over access to their data.

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