An Efficient Analysis Method for Cylindrical Conformal Microstrip Antenna Fed by Microstripline

Firstly, a domain-division solution is provided in this paper, which can solve Hankel function's singular problem of Sommerfeld integral in calculating the spatial domain Green function for cylindrically stratified media and realize the computation for all elements of Z-matrix in the method of moment. Then, the arbitrary shape Cylindrical Conformal Microstrip Antenna (CCMA) fed by microstripline is theoretically analyzed using the RWG basis function. Numerical results are presented in the form of mutual coupling between two current modes and electromagnetic characteristics of a CCMA fed by microstripline. The results show that, comparing with the planar counterpart microstrip antenna, the reflection coefficient of the CCMA increases, the current on the microstripline varies sharply, and the backward radiation field appears.

Provided by: Hindawi Publishing Topic: Mobility Date Added: Oct 2012 Format: PDF

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