An Efficient Handoff and Buffer Management Scheme to Minimize Packet Loss Rate Through Check-Point Retransmission in WiMAX 16m Networks

Provided by: Sathish Valluri
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
IEEE 802.16m standard redefined with many improvements on IEEE 802.16e standard to provide the best connectivity and to perform the error-free data transmission. In this paper, the authors propose a buffer management system to reduce the packet loss rate during WiMax Communication where the internetworking involves designated distress regarding buffer range and traffic management. They evident that proposed framework for 802.16m based network frames have efficient buffer management with effort from BS scheduler and subscriber station scheduler. These processes incur least bandwidth utilization thereby reducing the transmission delay. All these domains were put forth through Admission Control (AC) mechanism and a Dynamic Buffer Allocation (DBA) process which directly clears packet sizing and Buffer ranging.

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