An Enhanced Architecture for an Infrastructure Based Middle-Ware Using Adaptive Network Coding and Global Data Formatting to Achieve Efficient IoTs

Provided by: SRM Medical, LLC
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
Among many Infrastructures based Middle-wares proposed Global Sensor Network (GSN) is one among them to mitigate the co-existence issue to interconnect IP based and legacy Wireless Sensor Networks. It is an open-source, Infrastructure based abstraction Middle-ware developed in Java. Though there are advantages like simplicity, adaptability, lightweight and scalability, there are still few areas for improvement. This paper attempts to identify those, propose an enhanced architecture and analyze with a case-study. Data-Acquisition module is one area to peek in. GSN represents every WSN as a Virtual Sensor (VS) using XML. Based on its requirements, each user application aggregates data from various Wireless Sensor Networks (Virtual Sensors).

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